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Following an extensive list of success in hospitality and food and beverage, French-trained Chef, Shekoh Moossavi brings her latest entrepreneurial passion and talent to Palo Alto, California in what promises to be her signature contribution as Master Chocolatier and confectioner.


Shekoh graduated with Honors in her culinary education in Palm Beach, Florida. However, she could not stop there. Her curiosity took her to research and development, became instructor, consultant for hospitality groups around the country. With too many accomplishments to mention, eventually her restlessness drove her to travel and expand her knowledge in confections and science of making chocolate. Shekoh obtained a degree with Honors as Master Chocolatier in Montreal, Canada. That was her launching pad towards attending Tain L’Hermitage, France at Valrhona Grand Du Chocolat, successfully obtaining her Master Chocolatier Certificate. 


Today, Palo Alto, California can enjoy its very own Confectioner, with an exotic blend of unique and exquisite flavor profiles that are her very own creations. She is now sharing her confections and chocolate creations online so anyone can be tantalized and transported by her confections beyond the confines of her charming shop.

Shekoh Confections | Palo Alto, California
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